Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Birthday for April...

Birthday for April...
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Happy birthday April...
It's a wee bit past due blog. Sorry.

But we did have oodles of fun, right? girls?
Never bring a bunch of girls together...
Cos we bitch , we slap each others' asses, and freaks the shit out of boys.
Hmmm... sounds kinky. I think so too.
Heh heh... till the next birthday comes along...

Monday, April 17, 2006

Beauty or brains.

I was browsing through the papers today and came across witty Edwin Yeo's article " There's a reason it's called a 'beauty' contest" on 17th April 06 TNP. Entire article as per below :

IF you have followed this column faithfully over the years (yes, the two of you in the back there), you know that this is my favourite time of the year.
Yes, it's Miss Singapore Universe time again.
So you sit there thinking to yourself, exactly how many times can he tell the same jokes about Miss Singapore Universe?
Yes, truthfully, there are only so many times you can talk about lorry accidents, and it's been quite a few years.
Luckily, this year, the emphasis has been on brains over beauty, because 'who says we're bimbos' is such a new tagline.
The big deal, as it turned out, was that none of the supposed brains made the top three of the contest.
Duh. A retard could have told you that.
Last I checked, this was still called a BEAUTY contest, not a BRAINY contest.
But that does give me a great idea though.
Why don't we gather all the Miss Singapore Universe contestants and put them on the game show, Singapore's Brainiest Beauty Contestants?
It would go something like this.
Cheryl Fox: 'At what speed when a motorist is travelling will the cops issue a parking ticket?'
Contestant (quickly buzzing in): '150kmh! But they should go slower on weekends, especially when using the underpass.'
I just had a conversation with a female friend earlier this week. This is how our conversation went.
Me: 'You know what, I think I should start dating Ah Lians.'
Her: 'What? Why?'
Me: 'They're much simpler, far less complicated than all you western-educated women.'
Her: 'But what about intelligent conversation after sex?'
Me: 'Oh please, it's over-rated. All you really need is to light up a cigarette and get ready to go again.'
Her: 'Neanderthal.'
But she knows I'm not wrong. Back in the old days, it was so much simpler. All you had to do was club them on their head and drag them to the caves.
Brainy women were not much use back then, mostly because they would know how to avoid the clubbing.
We've come a long way. These days, we go to a club and drag them back to our homes, and that usually only works with the less brainy ones.
The brainy ones still know how to avoid the clubbing. Fact is, thousands of years of evolution later, they are even more honed than before.
This is why, despite all my jokes about the Miss Universe winners, I've always had the greatest respect for them.
You see, I realised a long time ago that women control the world. Women, especially the beautiful ones, control the men. So what if they don't have scholarships with A*Star?
At some point in a man's life, he would probably have had a similar conversation with his partner as the following:
Woman: 'Go on, dear, eat the fruit. It'll be okay.'
Man: 'But baby, God said we can't.'
Woman: 'Who do you want to listen to? God or the woman who's going to take you to heaven and back tonight?'
Man: 'Give me that damned fruit.'
That, of course, is the oldest story you will find which proves that women with beauty, not brains, will always end up winners.
After all, how smart could Eve have been if she listened to a talking snake?

I just can't help but laugh over it. My name is Eve, in case no one knows by now. As the last sentence in the article puts "how smart can i be if i listened to a talking snake?", i am really not smart. Despite being academically inclined, i do boast two degrees, but i prefer to be known as an airhead, or a bimbo, more often than anything. I subscribe to the school of thought of 傻女人都是可愛的. Brains do not necessarily equate out to success. I guess it helps you to get that lil' headstart. But the women CEOs of today all boost academic results along with looks, ain't it? A beauty contest would always be a beauty contest. The smarter ones would get away, but combined with that slight bimbotic-ness and beauty, it can be a deadly potion.
Beauty or brains? Take your pick. I know i'm beautiful, smart & somewhat bimbotic.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Sun, Sand & The Sea

Sun, Sand & The Sea
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Back from Pulau Sibu (also known as Sibu Island) , off Johor, Malaysia. I'm sunburnt but happy. I managed to spend some time with my gfs, and of cos, to celebrate April's birthday. I remembered contributing a blog entry for April just last year. And now it's yet another year. Dammit.

Anywayz, back to our trip. It was a 3 day trip for the Good Friday long weekend. I staggered to go to the trip, having returned home a bit smashed on Thursday. But upon reaching the place, i felt absolutely great. The water was clear, cool and extremely inviting. The sand was really fine. It was a place where you can just stroll around in your bikini all day. And it's a tiny island which you can just walk around & cover within two hours.

We went to trek around the island. It was a 60 minute trek session. But it nearly killed me. It'll top the list of my worst adventures followed closely with the HSBC Tree Top Walk at MacRitchie Reservoir, Singapore. I saw baby sharks with black dorsal fins, swimming in groups of 2 or 3. Saw a huge ass millipede. I managed to snorkel for the 1st time! Yeah baby! Oh and i scare the daylights out of my friends, when i hum the anthem to Jaws, while snorkelling and looking at the beautiful fishes & corals. Hahaha, it was funny though, i just wanted to see whether by the tunes of Jaws would freak the fishes out. My friends who were out snorkelling with me were laughing and shouting my name when they realized i'm playing a fool in the middle of the sea. Yes, i'm silly.

I can't wait for our next trip to some beach resort. Oohhh yeah...
I love it this time round... and it's quite an escape and different from our daily ruckus. And i truly enjoy myself ...

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

the one where you have to complete the sentence...

Found this off some bloggers, and thought i should just do it.

1. My ex is: funny...
2. Maybe I should: consider getting a boob job (for real this time!!!)
3. I love: tons of handbags, shoes ... and of cos, supercars and
import and american cars... and errr, vintage cars, and cars.
4. I don’t understand: how some people can't think logically
5. I lose: my stuff time to time, only to find it back the next day / week.
6. People say I’m: crazy
7. Love is: when both of you can bitchsmack the daylights outta each other.
8. Somewhere, someone is: thinking of me (i wish...)
9. I will always: buy new clothes if i go out and shop.
10. Forever is: when you’re dreading something
11. I never want to: be too poor that i can't afford another pair of shoes.
12. I think the current US President: should just step down. Save my country, you fool.
13. When I wake up in the morning: i will lie there wondering what time it is, and my duties for the day.
14. My past is: awesome, packed with beautiful memories of Purdue, growing up, and my friends.
15. I get annoyed when: i get a nagging feeling that i can't finish my work.
16. Parties are for: every weekend. Weekday partying should be kept MINIMAL.
17. My dog is: in my mind, it should be a schnauzer or a chihuahua... and can sit into my handbag anyday.
18. My cat is: far far away, i choke on furballs dude.
19. Kisses are the best when: you least expect it.
20. Tomorrow: is WORK DAY, and means i have to go to work
21. I really want: to own a nice beach house off my old place in Redondo Beach area.
22. I have low tolerance for people who: are late (and keep mum abt being late & the irony since i am always late)... and extremely rude.

Oh what an interesting meme...

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Purdue : - My 啊哥 Sanford

Purdue : - My "bro" Sanford
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This is my 啊哥 Sanford, back from the days of Purdue. Someone whom i cherish & love, despite the days he treat me like shit. He was kind enough to host me through my trip in Chicago, about two months ago. He's someone who i know would fly gadzillion miles just to make sure i'm alright, or if i'm ever in trouble. I miss my other 啊哥 Dennis, who's based out in Shanghai. And it's been years since we 三條友 got together.

I'm now officially worth three hours of Sanford's time. So much for being his best sister. He had to plan a three hour stopover in Singapore... instead of what could have been a day which would include a lunch & dinner at least. Instead we (Gavin, Sanford & me, include my sis in tow) had dinner at Crystal Jade @ Changi Airport, Singapore. Believe me... it isn't funny. From what could have been a Chompz dinner, turning into airport dinner. Ohhh whatever!

Sanford, cheers to you... and a gentle reminder that i am worth 3 hours' of your time only. hahaha, i will remember you for that.

Friday, April 07, 2006

track day...

I had another track day this past weekend Friday 7th April , albeit not as fun as my 1st trackday. But it's still very interesting. Cheers to Axl's friend and Uncle Stephen for the pics. I am the only DC5 this time round, with a bunch of BMWs from z4 to 320 etc, WRX, STi, Legacy GT, Mini CooperS, and of cos, a bunch of evos.

I'm the slowest car on track, horsepower limited, i'm still having only 160hp at crank, plus some auto transmission loss = dude, fugging slow. Some people might think it's a joke, but all that matters is i own my car and i'm happy. Pls don't make me sing the Independent Woman track again. I don't need no man to tell me what i can do or can't do. I paid for it, i'm gonna do whatever i like.

This week, I brought mom and my sis along, to assure them that motorsports is a very safe sport. And most importantly, you learn limitations of your car. And that's very important for daily driving.

I feel that I've improved quite a bit from my last track day. I'm slowly overcoming my fear of bends, & turns. I find that the more laps i do, the better i nail my lines, and the more confident i am of driving. I swear i am gonna do better with each trip. Can't wait till June. Woohooo!

Monday, April 03, 2006

more fridays to come...

This past week marks the beginning of a crazy month ahead. I am having 4 day work week, for a month... till end April. I guess that's something very worth rejoicing. I got myself a brand new gadget. Yes, i'm a bit dated. I bought a navy Motorola V3. Just a V3, not i or x versions. Why? I need a phone that won't crash on me with my 700ish phone numbers, i ruled out PDA phones because i hate the bulkyness, even the Dopod ones can't satisfy me with their sizes. Until i find a way to live with the fact i need a PDA phone, i shall run from one. I need a phone that i can call and sms. And of course, it has to be chic and slim. So V3 it is for me.

I went to bring my lil' red up to Sepang International Circuit on Friday. Yep, it's virgin trip into Malaysia. Boy, i love it. I'm now known as the North South terror, travelling at speeds that i can't just rattle off. Ok, i may be slow on the circuit, but i would just say i had pretty bad experiences with corners before, and it traumatises me. I've been through a car ride back in US that the car nearly flipped. I think i might left my guts where that incident took place. Dratz!

I'm still tired from my trackday. I'm going up for another this coming friday. The following friday will be for my Good Friday getaway. And then i'm off to Shanghai.

Before i sign off, i leave u with pics of me in my Snoopy tee. I love snoopy.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

My lil' tribute to Ben & his funny snippets

Ben's a friend of Mr. E, and he never fails to crack me or rather us up with his lil' funny snippets of his life. He's halfway around the world in US, out in California. But he's from the bay area, kinda. He's offbeat, he's funny, he loves cycling, he loves to do outdoor stuff. he's also a geek, getting his PhD, tho i doubt he needs it cos he has permanent head damage already. He hates to conform to today's social norms. Funny thing is he sings for his church choir. *heh heh* it's something i personally find amusing. sorry Ben, i had to laugh.

What he needs is an offbeat chick, who loves outdoors, particularly cycling, ... oh yea, he offers a fast ticket out to US. So girls, lemme know.

Why am i promoting / marketing him? Simple. He's nuts. And i think his mom thinks so too. How do i know? He send me a snippet of his conversation with his mom, when his brother got married over last weekend in Singapore. He chose not to return for such societal BS.

Snippets : ---
MUM: What is wrong with settling down with a nice gal like your brother? Aren't you afraid of dying alone?
ME: Better than dying enslaved.
MUM: *stumped for the longest time*
ME: Hello? Hello?
MUM: I knew it was a bad idea for me to agree to you majoring in English.

I decided to be cheeky and told him i too won't ever send my kids off to learn engrish. I would rather let them learn Hokkien, and be ah bengs & ah lians.

My Hokkien Version : ----
Mom : ka le eh brother sio siang chua chin ka pore zha bor wu simi bo ho
Mom : le ai ka ki si ah...
Mom : chin cham leh...
You : ka ki si ...ho ke zho lang eh ku li si... zhun boh?

Cheers Ben !