Monday, September 06, 2004

A month has passed.

Sorry no blog before. oops!

Heh, alright a little update on my life... i'm totally living it. mom & sis went to US for a month to settle down and get their PR status all hooked up. So they got it and came home. I had to live my "college days" all over again. Totally forgot how to wash my clothes... worse, i had to sweep and mop and wash toilets. Back in Purdue days, those are unheard of. I won't even use whatever bleach / detergent / washing liquid on my hands. I had a cleaner that cleans my room twice a week (vacuum and scrub my bath tubby and wash my toilet / clean my room ).

Anywayz, for those who knew my maid , you might be thinking "eh, what happened to her while mom's gone...? my maid was sent away. Kinda sad. She's away for two months, due back on October 5th. Bad enuf. Which meant one month alone in the flat. It seems totally cool tho. Purdue days rocked, so i had fun just working and living alone. INDEPENDENCE, tho only a brief whiff of it. It's totally worth it.

I'm seriously broke. So i won't be doing anything for the time being. No new bags. I'm so trying to save. I HAVE TO SAVE!

Alright.... cheers to everyone. i will update more shortly.