Saturday, August 04, 2007

sun, sand & sea

Everyone has their own idea of chilling. For me, i love to chill at the beach with a ice cold beer in my hand and sweet music to my ears. It's been some time since i got to the beach, to sit there and just chill out with friends. So i trotted down to Sentosa with Dave & Angie to just laze around. Just me, my friends, music... plus the sun sand & the sea.

Bliss. Sun Sand Sea. Me

Friday, August 03, 2007

Rest Week...

What do they say about rest weeks? It's to rest. On Monday, i decided to head off for a short swim to make myself feel better. Tried to work off some lactic with some short sprints. I got out of the pool, only to hear the lifeguard asking me if i am training for my lifeguard course cos i swam very fast, i smiled and shook my head. Went off for Monday night movie : The Simpsons. Now that was funny... spider pig spider pig... haha haha! What can i say? I love the simpsons. It's a rest week... forget about training.

So rest week also meant plenty of drinks. It's Friday night, and i fell sick. All because i think i drank too much despite my body's lethargy and aches, which meant i should be sleeping more instead of hitting the bottle. Tuesday i had beer with my college mates. Sometimes it feels so nice to just be back to college days. And i was in tank top, jeans and sneakers... at that moment, i felt i was still in school. It's a rest week... forget about training.

Wednesday was a celebration of sorts with my boys. I am 45th! I can't believe it. Casey said that if i don't eat junk and maybe not drink, i might have been 4th or 5th. But what fun is it that i give up my beer? I can't reconcile with that image. So to that, i will just say "limmmm ahhh", which translates to "let's drink up..." . I had the mother of all bruises on my right arm, that i wear proudly like my badge of honour (measuring 4cm wide by 2cm tall), but Casey had to "help" by rubbing it out... and it hurts like hell. He tortures me... sometimes, i wonder where's the brotherhood. I nearly wanted to break into tears, so did Barry who asked him to stop. Oohhhh... I think we had a whole ton of beer. Well, then i had a headache at the end of the night, and i fell right into bed.

So the weekend is here. Should i train or should i chill?
Hmmm... who knows... right now, i am nursing my sore throat and need my bed.
Rest week....forget about training. Heh heh