Friday, November 30, 2007

I love my friends...

With friends like these, who needs enemies?
All it takes is beer, this despite being the two days before half marathon sunday.
Someone to act dumb with you, when you need to just enjoy the friday.
To be fat along with you. And still smile looking silly.

To act as silly as you do.
Seriously what more can you expect?
Watch us at my flickr account.
Can't find it? It's on the left side of this blog... DOH?!?! DUMB ASSES

2 days more ... to my first half marathon

It's two more days. I can't believe the day has drawn so close. I have never ran anything past 5km officially before, so this is a first. Never had my 1st 10km run (done officially). As i sat down comfortably into my office, and go through this flash file of the run route for the StandChart marathon this year, 21.1km seems further than i imagined. I feel the air around me thinning.

To answer everyone's questions whether i had enough training, i guess so. I have been running 14km the last two Sundays. I think it shouldn't be an issue finishing that 21.1km. Then again, who knows....

I am still nursing a very bad virus which i caught early this week. Fever, flu, sore eyes, sore throat. Thankfully am recovering. With enough luck, you'll see the same ol' me this Sunday at the marathon. I have stuck to no super high heels rule for the week. And nosso much fried food. Ahhh,... i just need to carbo load.

My aim : 2 hrs 30mins.
Wish me luck.
2 more days....

Friday, November 02, 2007

road bikes at HDB void decks?

How often do you get a bunch of bikes? Cannondale Synapse, Scott CR1, and Specialized Allez? All parked at the void deck, alongside your everyday commuting bike...?
An interesting sight nonetheless...

This week, i hardly trained. Feeling tired & burnt out. And having way too much work. But you know what, it's the weekends.

I might just hit the road for 12km tomorrow and enjoy the weekend....
It's friday and i'm loving it...