Sunday, March 29, 2009

Back to the drawing board

It's been some time since i really worked out.
So the last week shall jump start my workouts...
Monday : Swim with Julz... i didn't count the mileage. I gave up counting after some time. but hey, at least i swam.
Wednesday : run a really short run ....
Sunday : bike... pretty short, slightly less than 40k.

Now i am tired, sore all over... gawd...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ironman70.3 Singapore 2009 --- The one about the tall dark and handsome


Remember some time ago, a newspaper article on The Straits Times ran about the hype of two professional triathletes powerhouse racing the Ironman70.3 Singapore on 22nd of March 2009, and a certain female triathlete Ms Ang Eve remarked that she is not participating the Ironman70.3 because she's watching the pros Craig "Crowie" Alexander & Chris "Macca" McCormick race the Ironman70.3 instead. 
Damn right, that's what she did. And she got pictures with the two cuties. 
I wore a tee that says "I'm a triple major in tall dark and handsome". Something cheeky cos i thought it would be darn funny. At least my friends thought so. And i snagged a couple of pictures with Crowie and Macca, of cos fessin' up that they are my tall dark and handsome. Heh! 
It was so fun being a supporter. We had beer, food... and  a whole load of fun. So much so, the guys from ENR who are racing, told us they really wish they were supporting. :) ahhh well, another very good sunday. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Let's go to Hong Kong

You may call me a jetsetter. You may even want to remark that i live a tai-tai lifestyle. Well, i am not going to deny how much fun i've been having. I hardly work since the Chinese New Year. Barely stepping foot back into Singapore soil for less than a week, i flew off to Hong Kong, to attend my friends' wedding. Two to be precise. On the date of 14th March 09.

It seems to be a recurring theme of the date of 14th, as auspicious date for getting hitched. On Feb 14th'09, Seggy (with Serena); on March 14th'09, Jacky (with Cynthy) & Hugo (with Omat) got hitched.

I must admit, the whole trip to HK was a blast. I had fun, doing the alternative stuff, as opposed to just going there to really indulge in shopping and food. Funnily, it feels like home. Everyday we wake up, and just go hangout with friends, going to different places to have breakfast, lunch or dinner. I took different modes of transport : bus, electric trams, taxis, mini-buses, mtr. I managed to go to Big Wave Bay / Shek O. The surf there is amazing. The weather was very nice : 10 degrees celsius to 19 degrees celsius. I met many old friends whom i first knew back in LA. I had a lot of food, streetside and restaurants and cafes. Oh... and i can't deny my love for H&M and of cos, the adidas original store there. :)

I love HK... and i can't wait to go again.
And of cos, my friends are awesome to hang around with, which make it the trip even better. Even more heartwarming is how we're able to just pick up where we left off some 12 years ago, when we first knew each other in LA, when i first picked up cantonese, where we first did too many things. 12 years on, we're very much the same. Well, except most of you guys are married. But we still have an awesome time together. That being said, LA rocks.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Singapore Biathlon 09

Can't believe it has been a year. A year since my last biathlon. I, like anyone else, would have wanted to have a better timing than the year before. Of course, this year is not meant to be. After an entire 20-something days trip, filled with gluttony and fun, and cutting back on all sorts of words that include, i know the biathlon is going to be one of the most painful things ever. Throw in jetlag and cramps, i might as well kill myself. There was concern over how horrible i would feel.

I told myself i am gonna be fine and just to go with a relaxed mind. Who cares about timing? I am more concerned over survival of the sea swim. I swam backstroke some of the way. And a 10k run? Well, worst case scenario : walk, which is exactly what i did.

:) o well... i did get a nice ice-bar after the race, and meeting up with the guys i see when i used to be training. I did get remarked that i got leaner, which may be attributed to a doughnut and ice cream diet that i had. O, and getting called a liar was somewhat refreshing.

Monday, March 02, 2009

running in the cold...

The temperature hover around high 20s to low 40s. Occasionally, coupled with windchill. Not exactly a recipe to put on those long tights, and a long tee, and my running shoes to head out for a run. I should be sitting by my fireplace, bundled with a blanket and some warm chocolate.

Of cos, that's not about to happen. With the amount of indulgence (krispy kreme doughnuts, some burgers, some buffets), i should really workout. It's killing me to feel lethargic, and i wasn't about to put on anymore weight. 
I'll confess i didn't bring any running shoes to US with me. Partly cos i wanted a new pair. I ended up getting a pair of trail running shoes (to further motivate more seshs at MR when i get to Singapore). Adidas Response Trail 15 --- sworn by some hardcore runners. Truth be told, i've gone through a fair number of shoes, before deciding on this pair. It fits my budget : ok ok i was cheap, it barely cost 70 Singapore Dollars, around 38 USD. Plus the colors are friendly. I could use these same greys & pinks on any pair of jeans, and tee and just go out. Good for travelling. I am a huge fan of grey & pink. 

So i took the shoes and myself all bundled up, from my home in Franklin TN to the Christ Church. Distance is 5km. That feeling of coming back feeling good, and the shoes serving the purpose of keeping me on track in the grass patches, and along the wet and slushy ground just made me want to go out and run. 

Run Baby Run