Tuesday, May 30, 2006

After a week long...

Jean & Me
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The weekend has passed. After a week of being sedated over a cocktail of drugs for my cold, my throat infection & of cos being put on antibiotics, i decided to head out, after a wedding dinner with my family.

I met Jean past midnight on friday. And had a couple of drinks (ang moh liang teh*) to celebrate that end of my medication. Went to MOS, ended up feeling quite sleazed up frankly. Sheesh... But nonetheless, it was with Jeannie, my best mate. So cheers to that.

I walked out from the entire Saturday packing my room, and not heading out... But i doubt that would help to cure my illness. Today's like tuesday, and i got started on my second batch of drugs.
Craps... i ish still velly velly sick.

Monday, May 29, 2006

meme : twenty four...

write a post with 24 weird facts/things/habits about yourself (not in chronological order)

Ok... everyone's doing it...
so i'll try it out myself too...
  1. I am born with a sharp chin, thus i look like i have a flat face.
  2. I hate durians... really thiiissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss much.
  3. I am lactose intolerant but i love ice creams & milk shakes... I may puke after eating, but heck, let's do it again.
  4. I have a huge appetite for handbags & shoes. Last Count : bags > 50, shoes > 50
  5. I have lazy eye ... my left eye has astig about 100 degrees, my right astig 375 degree.
  6. I have too many white tank tops for my own good : more than 20 pcs.
  7. I curse a whole lot for a girl. Despite having grown up in a zero-vulgarities-tolerance family, i curse. Thankfully i have cut down a lot.
  8. When i was 13, i hurled a punch at this chick who called me names in the school toilet. Thankfully, she ducked.
  9. When i was 17, i flunked my written theory for driving license like 5 times. Thankfully, i passed my practical the 1st time through. I also passed my Singapore Basic Theory for Driving like the first time. So don't worry.
  10. I adore Hello Kitty. I got Hello Kitty handphone accessories, plush toys, vanity mirrors, hair brushes, face mist, tissue boxes cover, stickers, fan, night light, alarm clocks, airplane models, purses... and beat this ... HELLO KITTY REAR VIEW MIRROR for my cabrio. Even my friends have to buy Hello Kitty plush dolls for me for my birthday back in college. These days, i tone down my addiction.
  11. My 1st Computer is a Mac (the days of green & frogger rules). My current computer is also a Mac (thankfully color & frogger in color rules).
  12. I got "race" blood in me. My dad has it, My mom has it. My dad once came home all bloodied from racing in his bike, thus he forbid us girls to ride a bike ever. My mom likes to go nuts driving, in Singapore roads no less... let's just say it's fast. Me... i just like to drive.
  13. When i was 3, i swallowed a 50 cent coin, while playing with the neighborhood kids.
  14. At that age of 3 when i swallowed the 50 cent coin, I had to go for my very 1st xray... along with my mom (who's heavily pregnant with my sis).
  15. I switched two kindergardens, and never attended play school.
  16. I graduated before i turn 21
  17. I had a wild time in college... drinking before i turn 21 every weekend... which is like illegal back in the US.
  18. I have a pillow which i had since i was a kid, even till now. I travel with it. I can't sleep without it.
  19. I don't eat any fruits... except for apples.
  20. I have toes which looks like fingers... except they are short.
  21. I am a lazy chick. I hate to shower; if i can avoid it, i will... The same goes for makeup, if i can avoid it, i will... I thrive on being comfortable.
  22. I spoke not a word of english before i turn 4. Especially well versed in Cantonese. but i am hokkien
  23. I love chilli since i am very young. like really young, and i can't live without it.
  24. My two front teeth are patched up. I broke it once at the swimming pool when i was below 10 yrs old... and another time before i turn 12 , while racing BMX bikes at home... DRIFTING with my teeth hitting the tarmac.
I finished my twenty four... this is torturous...

Thursday, May 25, 2006

I ish still velly sick

Ahhh chooo... turns out the cold has finally appeared. I am having a nasty cold, and it is worse than two days ago. Body aches are gone but then again, my nose feels like crap. And it's the weekend, and i still feel shitty.

Ok, today marks the start of the Great Singapore Sale. What's there to buy? Hmmm.. GG5 is having their own sale, but 20% off current stuff, and more discounts on past seasons. Mphosis is starting theirs on friday. Mango's abt to start, so i heard from my grapevine, and hmmm... Gucci. I think that's the one i'm waiting for.

Today is the screening of X-Men. Yep, the 3rd installment of the comic series. It's interesting. Well, make sure you stay till after the credits. I didn't, so now i have to rewatch it again.

ahhh chooo... time to sleep...

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Eddie & Ross' wedding dinner


The dinner was beautiful, and was held at Fort Canning Green, by Legends. It was outdoor event, amidst the greenery. There was a live band playing, hired from Wala Wala (a pub in Singapore, famous for its live bands). This was the first wedding i ever attended that is outdoor and had a live band churning out songs like Vertigo, Video Killed the Radio Star...And that is just extremely fun & awesome.

And of course, Eddie and Ross are now married. I met Eddie less than a year ago. Before that, i have only heard of his name and his legendary namesake : the devil. Yes, he and alcohol are best buddies, and that includes them menacing all the guys that i know. But it sure has been fun. Ross has always been there for him, and watches him while he gets everyone to drink. Perhaps this is what love is. Acccomodating each other. But i am so happy for them. They look really lovely together.

heh... Cos the boys in my group are his soccerAnd of cos, i always remember the MC saying why it is not coincidence that the Champions leagues just finished, and the World Cup hasn't started, that the wedding is held now. Heh kakis. We were seated right in the front of the entire hall.

My entire drinking group was there. And it has been a fun time. The wines are always been topped up, altho i did hear the beer was a bit flat. I think i overdrank the red wine, and was having this huge headache by the time i got home. Anything else, i can't recall. But i only remember it was fun. And of course, i think we all overdrank. The white wine supply ran out even before the main course dinner was over. I admit i kinda lost track what was going on. I was laughing and giggling the whole way. And that's the way it should be, isn't it? It's Eddie & Ross' wedding night afterall.

I can't wait for this other couple to get married. And i already informed them i'm gonna be the devilish 姐妹. So Janice & Greg... congrats, you guys are getting married. :)

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Shanghai 上海

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I just got back from Shanghai, China and it's been great. I had fun. Above would be the picture of Pudong 鋪東, with the infamous Oriental Pearl Tower 東方明珠, sitting along the Huangpu River. The Oriental Pearl Tower is like a significant symbol of Shanghai, like The Statue of Liberty is to New York City in US. It's huge and just looks very pretty from The Bund.The Oriental Pearl Tower is at the opposite side of The Bund 灘外. The Bund sits on Puxi, which meant the west side of the bank of the Huangpu River.

The office which i was sent to, for my trip, is located at Puxi, along with many other major office buildings and shopping districts. It overlooks a scene from Mission Impossible : 3. Well, if you need to know which scene, please email me. Puxi is home to many major tourist spots like Xintiandi, Cheng Huang Temple and not forgetting, the infamous Xiang Yang Market.

Xintiandi is alike to Singapore's Clarke Quay, with its bustling nightlife and lil' pubs, as well as the usual Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and Starbucks. The price of a cup of latte isn't cheap, it comes at 15-30 rmb, but that's a lot considering the average wage in the country. The weather in Shanghai is very nice, averaging at 14 degrees celsius to about 22 degrees celsius, when i visited. But a lil' rainy. So sitting out in Xintiandi, sipping my Bailey's made me feel really good, with the combi of cold weather, and a nice warm drink.

Cheng Huang Temple is one of the oldest structures around, and combines a blend of modern and historic culture of Shanghai. Shanghai has always been known to be kinda historic yet modern in its structures to its way of life. Cheng Huang Temple is interlinked with yuyuan garden, which offers a fare of Shanghaiese food as well as lil' oriental trinkets & momentos for the tourists. In the area of Cheng Huang Temple is historic structures, but within yuyuan gardens, you find Starbucks & Dairy Queen. It's like whoa!

Xiang Yang market needs no introduction. The only sad part is it's about to close come June 06. It is afterall a market filled with many interesting buys. I shan't bother to elaborate. Cos i'm sure everyone knows.

Overall, i am starting to like China, whether it's Beijing or Shanghai. It's mysterious, and alluring. There's nothing not to love about Shanghai especially. The food, the accessibility, the stuff. It's now seemingly easy to assimilate into its culture and soak it all up. I can't wait to go visit again. And of course, i miss my 哥哥 Dennis...

Monday, May 01, 2006

北京 Beijing ...

I just arrived back from Beijing. Man, it has so many changes since the last i visited, about 3 years back. I don't have the luxury of having a travelling companion, as this was a business trip. I had to go resolve some network & equipment issues.

It has changed significantly since i last travelled to Beijing. My work site is at 健外SOHO, right at where the World Trade Centre is. Area : 國貿。Everyday i would travel to work on the subway system from 西單 (Xidan). Everyone has this preconceived notion of how dirty China is, especially for someone who has lived in Singapore for a number of years. But it's SO NOT. I love it so much. The surrounding temperature is cooling. You can get away with wearing a light sweater. But Beijing being Beijing, the weather is very erratic, one minute you can run around in a tee, the next you need a coat.

健 外SOHO is made up of a couple of blocks of offices, alike to Singapore's biopolis. Phase 1 is completed, and Phase 2's construction is around 70% done. Everything you need will be in that cluster : food, supermarket, travel agency, including a Starbucks. Being SOHO, there are a couple of units whereby people do actually live & work out of their units. There are also an influx of Caucasian people working in the cluster. Singapore's very own Capitaland's group has also built a couple of work blocks very close to SOHO. It is proof that Beijing is really evolving.

The food this time round wasn't too oily. Since i travelled alone, i spend my meal times alone. I decided to venture to Wang Fu Jing. They closed off a portion of the road for people to walk around, leaving enough space for like police cars & tour trams. Wang Fu Jing has many little shops, from your regular Giordano, to Metersbonwe, to a couple of locally owned departmental store. At the start of the road, there's a huge mall that caters to the well-heeled crowd, having Max & Co, Tiffany's & the likes as its tenants. Truly a sight to marvel at.

The saving grace was i had a really plushy hotel room. I got the rest that i've been yearning for. Overall the trip is an eye-opener. Much has changed over the years. When i took the subway from my hotel area to my work site, it doesn't feel as though i was in an unfamiliar grounds. Perhaps that's a sign of the times. Perhaps it's a sign that i should relocate. Whatever the case is, i have another work trip coming up. SHANGHAI , here i come.