Saturday, January 31, 2004

i spent most of this week, with barely enough sleep.
Cos i decided to spend my evenings ... attempting to finish watching the entire drama serial which will take about an hour per episode... and i finished 18 epi so far. :) i still resume work the next day and work till night as usual. I only started on Wednesday ... it's just so exciting... so days of our lives.

It's Saturday and i'm at work. Considering how no life it may be, i guess you trade it off, with achievements at work.

I saw tons of cars yesterday... and major show offs too. I guess if you don't have the skills, don't drive too fast and you may be branded as an IDIOT by me. Yes, idiot by me... I don't proclaim excellent driving skills, but i do know about road safety and when to revv the engine. Afterall, with so much horsepower under your feet, if you fail to use it wisely, the consequences are going to be beyond your wildest dream.

Singapore has seen the most rainfall these couple of days / weeks in 30 years. whoa, 30 freaking years. I should ask the 31 year olds & older... hey, was there also t-storms as bad as now when u were a kid?

I miss school days so badly, the days of being carefree and a show-off. yea, sitting around, doing nothing, being snobbish and listening to the rest of the green-eyed dwarfs sprouting nonsense at the tip of their tongues, which leave you wondering "are your fellow Singaporean counterparts so lame?"

Topic of lame : i guess we've all seen our fair share of lame asses. I have seen many on the road. p/s to drivers : alloe the indicator lights to switch lanes is FOC and comes stock with your car. please learn to use it. Don't think just because you're a bloody mercedes or a smashing new beemer would make me give way to you, cos dude, it's just so duh... for those who don't use, may God bless you while i pray for your road safety... cos 99% you would die crashing into something just cause you fail to indicate for that mere 5 seconds to switch lanes. it's also courtesy to do that... alloe, if you're so rich to buy a frigging merc or beemer, where the f*#k are your manners? I thought the rich normally should have some sort of decency and proper manners to get them to earn big money. Apparently, not so... in my sunny island-state.

American Idol 3 is on tv. Yay, the same ol' stuff actually. I find it funny when a guy actually commented that Idol is not ready for R & B, just pop stuff... alloe how do you define R & B ???... Ruben is making a soul album isn't it. or am i wrong... hmmm....

Don't get me wrong, i am no huge fan of pop, i don't mind pop. I do like rap, hip hop over pop. Today's charts are dominated by hip hop ... yea, so trends are changing. ten years ago, it will be unthinkable. Things change... in a short period of time... let alone ten years.

Monday, January 26, 2004

It's been some time since i've blogged. Yes, thanks for that gentle reminder, guys.

Well, basically i've been through 4 days of Chinese New Year. Fabulous, especially since i slept through most of it, and the other half jus walkin through half awake. I wondered what i really did.

Oh yea... the first day or night i should put it... i played cards with my uncles & friends till 2nd day's morning at 8am. It's ridiculous. But oh well... i spend the entire 2nd day in bed, sleeping.... zzzzzzzz

I've been lazy, i admit it. But life's tiring & boring... it's jus good ol' mundane monotonous work life, How exciting can it get?!? GOSSSSHHHHH !!!

Alright, i'll write more soon.... :P
Zhi Young came back for CNY, but due to my lack of ZzZzZZZZz and overwhelming response of relatives, we didn't manage to meet up. Oh well ... better luck next time.

Friday, January 09, 2004

I've been humming the song for a couple of days : With You by Jessica Simpson. yes, that bimbo. :P
it goes something like this in the chorus :
With you
I can let my hair down
I can say anything crazy
I know you'll catch me right before I hit the ground
With nothing but a T-shirt on
I never felt so beautiful
Baby as I do now
Now that I'm with you

Life has been great so far.

Went out with Zhi Young on 2nd Jan. A little background info : we made a pact in 1997 that by the time i hit 23, and i don't find the one, we will get married. Ok... going back, it seems we won't be, cos we're far too young, we laughed at that thought when we met. What were we thinking back then? Yea, at 17 / 18, 24 seems so old... but it came by in a flash. I realized him & me are pretty much still in diapers. I miss him & his humor, and his term of affection for me. It's hilarious.

I've been out with the flu bug this week. We've been waltzing together in bed for the whole of this week. it sucks... but at least don't have to work. Ooohhh, lazzyyyyy meeeeeee....

Today's friday. I'm going to find Kunal & family for dinner @ his place. Indian food! Let's pray my throat survives the harshness of the spice.

Mike my himbo buddy is supposed to be back yesterday. hahaha. but judging from that boy's mentality, i'm sure i won't see him till end of next week, even that is gonna be quite hard. Hmmmmmm *thinks*...