Friday, November 28, 2003

I realized that this week has been a blast. Yea... !

Monday night : Equinox drinking away. Kinda interesting. Hated the martinis, the test tubes were ok, the wine & champagne were a lil' overwhelming. At least i didn't hurl. Funny how my own gfs could sleep in that environment. Then again, it's pretty nice being on top of everything else in Singapore.

Tuesday : still can't believe i slept the entire day, except Breakfast with friends. I slept through the day... yes the entire day. Unbelievable.

Wednesday : work, boring, work, boring. caught Master & Commander, very typical epic film. draggy at times, but still love it.

Thursday : hmmmm... what did i do? hmmmmmm.... oh yea, drank with leslie at brewerkz. the beer is cool, but i got tipsy. Hahaha, told u guys that it was a drinking week. Ok, let's have strawberry beer the next time round, alright?

Today's Friday. And i have NO plans. Anyone wants a hot date with me? *winkz* gawd, i think i am cute...

Monday, November 24, 2003

Ok... it's Monday Again... Oh dratz, i forgot to pay for my CC bills, as per usual. Shit ... ! :P Did i also mention today's a public holiday eve? woohoo... fun fun fun... mebbe go clubbin or drink

I had a funny weekend. Make that really really weird.
It was pouring on Friday night, yea,... there was somewhat a storm. Basically driving around with a friend, commenting how dumb certain idiots were, speeding and trying to kill themselves in the process. Next i know... this bike braked so hard it skidded across the street. Long story. next thing i know, i see ppl on the street. And i was so shocked, stunned, surprised. My friend got off the car to help the people out.

Saturday : hmmm... stoning mode ON. I stayed in to play .... yea, me play games ... xbox. it gets boring after a while... so i jus slept, woke up, ate, play games... and ended up at night at Holland V bitching with Jeannie... abt some guys sitting away from us who were scrutinizing every women they see walking by with lewd comments... I find it appalling how men can do that. it's so disgusting. And totally sucked. Do they expect women to say the same stuff about them, stuff like look at those tight asses and flabby asses and how they move? :P grow up, boys, grow up.

Sunday : spent time with mom & grandma... walkin around Orchard. Tiring! Of course, it helps that i bought some junk home... :)

Sunday, November 16, 2003

Ok... so basically i sat down & think what have i done the entire week. and came to this conclusion : NOTHING. I really don't know what went on ... and jus surf through the week.

Friday night was fab. I had a great time with my gfs (wendy & pris) .. we really drank till me & pris were totally high & jumpy & giggly... the full werks of highness... hahaha, to the guy i pinched, SORRY. hahaha, u had yourself to blame for getting me redbull vodka. I totally hated that drink.

Had a blardy hangover on Sat morning... had to pick myself up to meet friends for test drive of cars... I frankly like the new colt. Yes all ur buggers out there who are now messaging me via icq or msn with the words "WTF" ... it's cute, it's me, it's lovely, it's me. I like it. so shuddup fools.

Saturday night... went to Movies in the Park with some friends. Lovely weather, thank goodness.. no mosquitos. It was jus plain romantic & lovely.
ON the whole ... weekend was lovely... it's all i can recall anywayz.
The next week's gonna be maniac... tons of work for the first two days. gotta face some MUSIC for the next three... awwww... shit ...

More details on my fun-filled weekends :) till then...

Monday, November 10, 2003

it's the season of singletons. Yes... the swingin singles. The topic on many's minds... recently. It's like the season & trend to be single. Back to kissing frogs... my friends !
The season seems to come hand in hand with the party season...: Christmas & New Year.

I've drawn out plans for the year end. Jus praying it would come earlier.
A lil' sick of doing mundane work all day, stuck in the air con environment, faced with machines.
I think i got a lil' way more bimbo nowadays... seemingly lost my mind along the way of work.
I need to like let go & jus head out to reboost my energy.

urghhhhh ! Bleahhhzzzz :P i need the weekends... and it's only Monday now..