Wednesday, August 31, 2005

reminiscing ....

I love surfing blogs. Yes i am a blog surfer, i have this voyeuristic streak within me. It's been there, always there, the quintessential kaypoh Singaporean me.

So i surfed upon some webbies of my old college mate who's now pursuing his masters back @ our good ol' Purdue, and the links of the current batch of undergrad. Sure the pik-chers they took of Purdue brings back good memories, i miss being back in school. There's now even a Starbucks in Purdue Memorial Union (PMU, for short). goodness.... how things have changed. I guess it's a sign of the times.

Some interesting conversation :
Me : i wanna go back to school...
E : why? why the sudden urge?
Me : Purdue's got a Starbucks in the union now... i wanna go see...
E : errr you make all mid-west peeps really ashamed right now, cause you are so deprived.
Me : (LOST*) what?...

I don't want to go back to attend graduate school. I'm having so much fun. But the thought of going back to the days (those were the days....sigh...) ... is jus so tempting.

I need a flashy convertible to ease my pain...

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Crazy Ah....

This weekend was crazy...

So crazy was i that i went swimming at 5pm (forsaking work) on Friday evening at Bishan swimming complex. So crazy was i that i actually wore a bikini to swim. And of cos, i stared at the lao chee kos with eyes that could fly a million daggers up their sorry asses, when they glanced at me, almost to say "crazy ah, never see a girl wear bikini for schwimming before meh?"

So crazily hungry was i that i went for supper (tons of noodles & dimsum please) with Mr. E and Mr. DEu, killing whatever effort i made while swimming. The good side : i feel more energetic... the bad side : my eyes hurt as i couldn't hunt my goggles down before i decided to drag my ass to the pool.

As if that was not enough.
So crazy are my friends that they woke me up at 1030am on a Saturday morning. Yo gurls, it's my duty to inform you that i only wake up at 1pm on weekends. It's a rule. No one wakes up before 12 noon. It's a sin. And it's really crazy. But of cos, they woke me up for a good reason : let's go Sentosa to suntan.

Would i be crazy to pass up a chance to go Sentosa to suntan? Would i be crazy to pass up a chance to see good looking muscular guys playing beach volleyball or walking around the nice imported sand on Sentosa? nahz... i don't think so.

The gurls got into my lil' car and off to Sentosa we went. We only left Sentosa at 11pm... there... we stayed 7 hours. So you scream " ARE YOU CRAZY?" . No we're not, we're just happily enjoying each other's company. We swam, we ate chips & cookies (ohhh the sins of fatness), and played Taboo ( i realize how incorrigibly ill-read i am, and dammit, i need more books).

Yawnz, today's Sunday. I am just going to nap the entire day and forget about how crazy the weekend has been. Hmmm, been toying with a thought : Should i go be a teacher? I do look like one.

Siao ah....

Monday, August 22, 2005

extra something something...

I realized recently how much i love to extra something something.

To explain my ever growing figure, i have extra my food intake. I have breakie, brunch, lunch, tea, dinner & supper. Not too good. Jumped 7 kg all within 2 months. *GASP* yes, i did it all within 2 frigging months. Pants of cos got extra tight, mini skirts of cos got extra tight, my thighs of cos got extra fat, my arms of cos got extra big breakfast, ooohhh, i got extra unhappy. Angie advised to jus cut my meals to 3, then perhaps i would lose extra flabs.

To satisfy my craving, i have decided to start extra mayo-ing everything. So to my Subway guy, i need to extra extra mayo my 6 inch ham sub. To my Sakae Sushi chef, i need to extra extra mayo my California handroll. To my Bei Zhan chef, i need to extra extra mayo my deep fried prawns covered with mayo. Angie advised me to just cut my mayo intake by half, then perhaps i would lose extra flabs.

To 'complete' my shoe collection, i have decided to extra my shoe purchases. While at KL during the weekend, i saw this beautiful pair of shoes. So beautiful are the shoes, that i bought not one or two or three pairs, but 6 pairs. To the nice lady serving me at Nose, please extra that pair of shoes to size 6, 9 and 10 too. And to the guy at Vincci, please extra that pair of shoes to include the other color but same design too. Yes. Angie advised me to cut down my shopping manic by half, then perhaps i won't lose extra money.

To let Mr. E go wild on speed legally, i have decided to accede to his request of extra trackdays. He not only did a Friday trackday with the VAG.Sg peeps, he also did that extra trackday on Saturday with the Traction Circle peeps. Angie advised me that we should follow Mr. E to the trackday. I guess going to the trackday meant we save some money, i.e., not spending on more extra shoppin.

I guess perhaps i need to drop the extra of everything i choose to do, and follow whatever Angie's prescribing. Right, Angie?

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Amused ....

So today's Thursday, a day after mambo. I went to mambo @ zouk with Ben & Angie. I was so amused with the synchronized actions by the lil' ones these days. It's just so different. My gawd, what an eye opener. I was so amused with everything, i laughed it through. Last night's low : I met "The Big Fuck" (or rather he self introduced), and seriously he is no big fuck. In fact, i felt utterly disgusted by his sleazy ways. I haven't met anyone so repulsive as him, i dare say. Maybe he finds rejection a sort of compliment. I would think so. To be defined outright repulsive by me does truly mean that the word REPULSIVE & SLEAZY has been brought to a new low. And he now runs a separate blog under the moniker rambotan, btw. Though he's supposedly highly educated, he lacks that disposition, the aura... and he's just outright sleazy and skanky. Ewwwww... Would he have remembered my name? Heck No. He's just a sleazebag who's just trying to get into every girl's pants. And ewwwww... i have to dettol anything that's standing within a feet away from him. He's no big fuck, and i most certainly would never date him EVER. That's for sure.

So surfstop at KennySia today... man i really have to applaud him for his benglish translator.. Alas! The way it translated my blog is just way way way too vulgar for me to write it down.

An lil' portion of how my past post is like :
As National Day just past, Limpeh have kaki asking limpeh si mi limpeh did on National Day to claim to be patriotic. Limpeh just smiled and said " limpeh brogged about it one." Surfstop at MrBrown tolay and the cheebye kia mentioned about Enuwy, a brogger who went to apply for Singakapoh Citizenship.

Truly KennySia's posts never fail to amuse me...
I'm heading to his country for the weekend... woohooo, time to relax, chill & kickback.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

What makes a Singaporean?

As National Day just past, I have friends asking me what i did on National Day to claim to be patriotic. I just smiled and said " i blogged about it." Surfstop at MrBrown today and he mentioned about Enuwy, a blogger who went to apply for Singapore Citizenship. She what? Yes the chick went to apply for citizenship in our lil' city-state.

A lil' backgrd : she lives in district 11 all her life, did her schooling till the 3 yrs in uni. basically eat, breathe & live the Singaporean ways. So what's not Singaporean about her?

I dare say she's more Singaporean in many ways than i am. I only did schooling till O levels in Singapore. Thereafter i left for US to complete my college. I worship my Rodeo Drive or Michigan Avenue or 5th Avenue as much as i worship my Orchard Road. I may not know US' national anthem Star Spangled Banner, but i can memorize the Singapore Majulah Singapura. I adore US steak & Cheesecake Factory as much as my laksa, char kway teow, & fishball noodles at Newton Circus or Bedok 85 market. I miss US when i am in Singapore. I miss Singapore when i am in US. I consider my home in SoCal & Tennessee home, & i consider my heartlander 5-room flat in Singapore home. I love left hand drive Volkswagen cabrio & my Honda Pilot, as much as i love my right hand drive 1.6l civic. I love Indy speedway, as much as i love tracking my car while driving 3 hours up north to Sepang International Circuit in KL, Malaysia. I love Jeff Gordon, as much as i love Kallang Carpark Rally. I have my California Driver's License, and i hold a Class 3 Driver's License in Singapore. During college days, i am part of Singapore Student Association, and i also declares myself as partly American. I have somewhat of a Californian-Asian accent, but i speak with my pseudo lao Hokkien Singlish with great pride.

This past weekend, when Mr. E and i were out with some friends, in the midst of a conversation, a "friend" looked at me and asked "which part of you is American..." while giving me a once over. I felt disgusted by your action, and I have one thing to say : looks doesn't define nationality, neither does race, or language or religion. It's based on where you declare your home, and what your IC or PR says. And where your heart is. So ... bite my dust, dude. While you can only glance through car books that you brought back from your lil' trip, i may have the luxury to purchase one of those american muscle cars. A 30K USD car may be our 160K Singapore Dollars car. Well, you can always choose to move, with the ability & resources you can pull. I am sure...

I am a Singaporean and American at heart. I have families & friends both in Singapore & US. Where would i setup my home with my other half in the future, you ask? Only the future can tell. As for now, i shall soak in the 90 degrees fahrenheit weather 24/7 365 days a year, while sipping the warm soup of my fishball noodles... while holding onto a can of Bud Lite, zippin around in my lil' blue civic while decked out in my Abercrombies. Somewhat Singaporean, somewhat American.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Cheers to my girlies...

Happy Birthday Singapore... time to be patriotic. It's August 9th.

I spent Sunday with my girlies. It was so fun just hanging out with them, chilling and lazing. The plus point was we had food. I was supposed to bring some carbo food, namely rice dish or noodle dish. I went to the food centre and saw satay. tell me how to resist satay? I also saw rojak. tell me how to resist rojak? I got a lil' minor scolding but still everyone loves rojak. We spent the afternoon eating and bitchin. And of cos, dabbling with scrabble. Is IQ a word? Or abbreviation? Hmmm... who cares for now. I managed to dump the Q - a 10pointer letter. My girlies were great. I had so much laughter, fussing over everything, poking fun at everything. We even adjourned to karaoke thereafter. They're just so drama. We even had supper after karaoke. Can you believe how much food i consume a day? I sat down and actually told myself i ate more than 6 meals a day the entire weekend from Friday night to Sunday night... praying darn hard it doesn't happen on Monday. Thankfully it didn't repeat on Monday or Tuesday. There's a picture of April, Me & Pris. Do we look alike? We all have tiny eyes. Hahaha.. envy us.

August 9th's National Day. Some had it easy, took a Monday off, and had a 4 day weekend. Some, like me, worked on Monday. Monday came along. I went to work. The mood is a bit sedated. Everyone's jus wishing the day gets over & done with. Everyone hates a Monday that is a Public Holiday Eve. After work, Had dinner with Mr. E @ home. Chilled for a while @ home. Went for Fondue Ice Cream at a part of Singapore where it's a mix of expat, a mix of bohemian, a mix of bad parking allocation, a mix of major roadworks, a mix of tons of magazines, a mix of restaurants. Angie came along with us. The fondue was yummy. I love it. In fact, i love ice cream. The sugar gets me a lil' high & happy. Called Kim to whine about no one wanting a drink. He said he's onz for it. So we went to start drinking at Lush / Onyx. I missed the fireworks, but i don't really care. I'm going more for drinks. :) I have to declare i'm back in love with Amaretto Sours. The drink i had while at cactus back in college days. Those who went to college with me would know our cactus friday. How much amaretto can that mug hold? Tons! & i love it. The recipe to a great amaretto sours is one part amaretto liqeur, one part sour mix, add a brandied cherry... and voila, your drink is served. it's so great, so girlie, so deceiving. Yes, you may call it the pussyfied drink. Doesn't kick u right there, but it hits you slow after a few of them. You drink it like it's just a plum drink. I had a couple, before we adjourned to Zouk... went to winebar and slightly overdid my drinks. Got onto the cab and slept like a baby. Hmmm... but it's fine. All in the name of having birthday celebrations eh. In conjunction with our country's very own.

I'm a filial kid. I woke up after a night of drinks at 11am to bring my grandma and mom to have dim sum. Yes, i'm a good kid. and then drive them everywhere to shop. Hahaha, once again, i'm a good kid.

*pass the barf bags out to everyone*
cheers to a good week ahead.

Friday, August 05, 2005

drunk drivin...

You can see the sign whenever you travel out at night. The sign that beams brightly right into your eyes stating : TP OPS TONIGHT. PLS DRIVE SAFELY. Hint One : the number of roadblocks outside stretches of bars & clubs... none are spared... during weekends & holidays gave some indication about the seriousness of the situation. I fail to still see that light. Hint Two : friends & associates getting caught at such roadblocks gave some indication about the seriousness of the situation. I still fail to see the light.

There was a lil' newsclip tonight on Channel5 News. The scene was awful. It took place right outside Bangkok. Scene : Some tow truck guys were loading up a motorcycle onto the tow truck. Out zooms past this 4 by 4 who wipes out the four guys... mounts onto the tow truck... get lodged... moves the tow truck a couple of metres. Sadly a tow truck guy was caught under that 4 by 4's wheels... and i think he's dead. This is about drunk driving. About how drink driving kills lives. The driver of the 4 by 4 denied he drank. The other tow truck guys punched him. I can sense the anger, the hurt, and the pain. I too lost a loved one through drunk driving.

The guy that i acknowledge as my brother. The guy i went through college with. My "family" away from my family. Along with Dennis & Sanford, we are just one unbelievable 3 guys & a gurl. I was their lil' sister. I get what i want. They treat me like a queen. I still remember like it was yesterday. And of cos, the anger, the hurt and the pain that i went through on the day he left us. The feeling a lot of people couldn't understand, especially since they sees us as friends. Through all these, you realize how much your "family" means to you. How much effort is needed to keep a group together. How much love you need to share before it's too late.

I just wanted to say i miss you, bro.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Mambo Music --- Laughter, Fun & Let's blame it on the boogie...

Mid Week Drinks. Mambo Night. Zouk Winebar.
This has been a recurring activity lately. We're a working bunch of peeps, bearing signs of tiredness after work. We had dinner (... it's sushi) .... and then we decided to go for drinks.

We sat, ordered my fave martell green tea and we just started our crazy talk... My face turned red, as my lil' reaction to the alcohol. We were jus chilling out. The winebar was quiet. I decided to take out my camera (yes i know i know, it's a beauty) and the photo-whoring starts without needing me to actually signal for them to rally together. Yep, that's Ben acting cute. Ben, pls pls pls... i nearly died laughing when i uploaded the pik-cher. We started off poking fun at each other. It was a night of coughing ( i can't help but poke fun of it, Ben started it), and singing mambo songs. Yes we were singing mambo songs....And we were not even inside zouk. Yes the crazy group decided to ask each other about mambo songs that we can all recall.

It started with "Blame it on the boogie" by Big Fun. Dennis totally mocked it. Errrrr... Dennis, bad move. It's my all time favorite mambo tune. I can't believe i admitted that i actually do the actions even when i hear the song on the radio while driving. Dennis and me actually started doing the moves to don't blame it on the sunshine, don't blame it on the moonlight, don't blame it on the good times, blame it on boogie... Then we went onto Square Room dancing...and of cos , Summer Rain became a hit within us. I remember a long list of the songs... and of cos the actions. Hahaha, they branded me the true blue mambo queen. I mean... i've been through SOOO MANY years of mambo. The nu breed of mambo-goers make me feel ashamed of myself. Hahahaha, but then again mambo's really funny at times. What's mambo without synchronized actions

However, as much as i would like to stay awake, i'm tired and i need sleep. We ended the night by 12ish... i got into the car, and i slept like a baby, despite the awesome surround sound provided by Ben-dalous & Dennis. Gawd, u guys are so noisy, yet i slept through it. Call me the queen of sleeping. Ben calls me the sleeping beauty.

Dennis, for totally laughing at you... and making you do the same motion for camera... i apologize, so here's a really nice pik-cher of us. And once again, COUGH COUGH...

Cheers... Half the work week is gon