Monday, May 28, 2007

Cameron Highlands...

Over the weekend, I joined my brothers / dudes / partners-in-crime on a drive up to Cameron with their Mini.Sg club. It was a good break, i needed some time to go out and rest the entire weekend and not to worry about training, training , tri-training. We embark on our trip on a Friday night around 7pm, reaching KL city by only about 12midnight. We had our drinks at our usual bar at the lobby of our hotel, before we called it a night to rest, sleep, snooze.

Saturday was the drive up. Man, the view up there is spectacular. The air is a lil cooler, away from Singapore. We had fun with the "7-up" game, i swear i will memorize my 7 times-table very well in prep of next attack. And of course, i really enjoyed myself spending time with the boys.

People come & People go. We grow & we change. So i guess i'll cherish these to my memories and cheers to our great brudderhood.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

don't lose heart...

Monday : cycling for 20km, but i had heartburn that sucked big time. I nearly died from gastric pains... I've been having headaches since Greg's & Janice's wedding dinner, think i overdrank hard alcohol.
Tuesday : Rest day.... body felt as though it's fallin sick.
Wednesday : Rest day... as usual...but i didn't touch alcohol.
Thursday : Swam abt 750m, Cycle about 15km ...
Friday : Rest... off to KL for the weekend...i will blog about this in my next post, i reckon.

In the past week, i've been lazy. Perhaps i've lost heart in the whole baby-tri event.
I felt as though i could barely make it. My swim breathing is still messed up. My cycling is messed up. And i haven't been running enough. This is bad...

From that, i find faith in an old Snow Patrol's song "RUN" :
"Have heart my dear
We're bound to be afraid
Even if it's just for a few days
Making up for all this mess"

and knowing i have crazy friends who will root me all the way, and all that's important is to finish the race, not the timing.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

in the blink of an eye

The week went by, in the blink of an eye. Significantly, i have almost completed my project, just that i have yet to get some paperwork done. Didn't manage to really push myself to workout. I guess i am going through a burnout phase.

Didn't stick to my 530am bitchin ride for Saturdays. Reason : Ground Wet. Sleep.
Truth : Lazy lazy lazy. I did make it up with an afternoon workout at the gym. But i felt stoned by the time i had to attend a wedding dinner that night.

It's sunday... i am lazy, i am sleepy aand slightly hungover. *hic* ... i did go watch carpark rally.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Daftbitch's Bitchin ride @ 5.30am in the morning

I woke up at 5am, post drinks which ended four hours earlier. But you know what... i wake up when the sky is barely dark. Rare moment there! I used to stagger home past 5am through my doors and into my bed, on the weekends, spending my dough

I went to cycle around Sengkang / Punggol / Buangkok and then back up to Sengkang. What do you guys expect from my 1st virgin ride? It's tough. You do not know where to start, where to go, what to expect, or whether you're doing things correctly. Like Sean says, and maybe he's right, i should not have rode alone. I'm a newbie, i don't know the rules.

I went for a post-ride run. about 6km around MacRitchie. I was pleasantly caught surprised by the number of people there, and the number of crazy trail runners, and of cos canoers (is there even such a word as canoers?). I had a good time. It's past 9am, when i made a few calls, mostly listening to my friends cursing their lungs out at me for calling them at 9am on a Saturday morning. Errr, but i've been awake since 5am. So you guys got to forgive me. I went for the third breakfast by the time 10am hits.

As the weeks crawl slowly by, drawing me closer to the Osim Tri, i can't help but wonder whether i am ready. Deep inside myself, i know i'm not. But what about timing? I've always known to be competitive, not against others, but myself, which scares my friends. So now my heart says 1 hour 45 mins for the sprint, i know to me, it's impossible. I have not started my open water swims, my strokes are haywire, still trying to see if i should use front crawl or breasts stroke. Despite my saturday evening short swim of 30-45mins, i still felt i could have done better.

Well running, since it's the last item on the list, you know what? I really don't know what to anticipate. Will my energy be depleted by then? Will i still be in the tri by then? Will i survive the madness? Will i walk my way through, and then tell myself to forget tri ever?

My friends laughed and said i don't have the mentality of a triathlete. I am worse than a wannabe. I eat pork chops while other guys ride by, training hard, in the heat of the blistering sun. I drink beer, which is absolute No-No. I sleep late, not giving the body enough rest to recover.

You know what? I don't care.
As long as i am still enjoying what i'm doing, who cares?

Friday, May 11, 2007

Switch of venues...

9th May 07 : eve, boks, barry, & casey
Originally uploaded by daftbitch.

Mid week : Boks joined me with my usual boys for mid week drinks. I met Santy too, by coincidence. I know she's in town for a few days for conference but didn't know she would show up. So it felt so nice to meet old friends, and breakup the routine now and then.
Oh yes, i cut my hair. I like it. It's aerodynamically sound... hahaha, blabbering rubbish! At least now i look spunkier.

Friday : SWITCH of venues... we went to timbre instead. I hurried my ass down after dinner with some clients. It was nice, the band is good, the beer is always good.

We had fun chit chatting, laughing talking. And of cos, the topic of the night ranges from bicycles, to hokkien translations, to cars... and then of cos, ultimately betting i can't get up at 5am to ride.

Oh did i mention i setup a file on my flickr account just for the SBWs? Check it out here!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

my bitchin new ride....

Before anyone yelps : WTF.... yep, you got that right... that is NOT a car. It's a two wheeler. i did not buy a car. I have till Sept 17th for that.

This is far more important. This baby will take me cross the cycle portion of the Osim Tri. This represents my dedication to completing it. I sunk it too much to turn back now.

The Scott CR1 Team frame. It's a carbon frame. Pure CF slut, i know. With Scott CR1 Pro parts (Shimano Ultegra components).
I am not a big fan of yellow for the pro frame, especially since it will boil down to matching the jersey and shoes along with the bike. I much rather go Black Red White, very clean + easy to match the colors up. I believe that eventhough i wanna do sports, try to still match the outfit as far as possible. The only thing i sorted out thus far was what i planned to wear for the Osim Tri. Adidas Sports Bra Top + Tri Bottoms from either zoot or one of those brands out there.

And boy, am i excited... i'm collecting it before the weekend comes along.

If you need the specs or huge write up, go to Ben's blog. Man, this guy is addicted to bikes and related stuff like trails, seats, blahz blahz, you name it, he'll google the topic out to write.

Oh i haven't name this baby up yet... still thinkin for now : it's the daftbitch's bitchin new ride.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Before i forget... check on
reviews + restaurants locations, and selections.
Good stuff there.....
so if you're a foodie like me... the site's awesome..

Plus : it's another great site brought to you by a fellow Purdue alum... albeit so many yrs my junior... sigh....

Monday, May 07, 2007

in this crazy life, through these crazy times...

I am prolly not the best person to speak of sports. Much less, discuss the power of the mind. Bizarre and powerful, that's what the mind is.

Many of you would have known by now, i am doing the Osim Tri (sprint) this July. For those still continuing to read this, please support me. I am surprised at why i would choose to do it. Needless to say, since it's barely 10 weeks away. I am really pulling no stops this time round. Sprint might seem short to some of you. To me, it meant the world. I am in nowhere near the physique required for this multisport. So all i have is the power of my mind.

Instances :
1) point & shoot... whilst telling yourself that you can do it. I realized, sometimes it's not about the technique. It's about my heart. If i tell myself i can hit it, i will. golf golf golf...
2) another mile is nothing on the knees. It's not about your legs, it's about your heart, urging your feet to move on. Run Run Run....

There're plenty more...
I guess sometimes technique helps. I used to think i'm proficient in swimming. It's my forte. I used to swim competitive like ten years or twelve back. Now, i'm not so sure. I am searching for a coach to help me in my front crawl. Sigh... worry worry worry.

If at first you don't succeed, tri tri again...