Friday, June 01, 2012

say what?

Through the months, i've been trying to get back to some sort of form. My body fat content is disappointing, a gf pointed out at my belly fat. I'm just belly happy with my life, and the way it's going horizontal, i think i hit an all time low.

So with news of Army Half being cancelled, and then Army Half coming back on the running calendar, I signed up. With full intent of shutting Yongfeng up, #likeaboss, after all he had one full year of bragging rights for being faster than me last year. I've heard it a millionth times : all by just a mere 20 seconds. So this year, i better try to make a good run for it. I have a month to train. I know it's only June, but i have a lot of traveling coming up. And a little pet project which is on the way. I'll elaborate at the next post.

The shit i hear all the time includes

  • "time to buy 4D, you're swimming"
  • "taitai... what the?!?"
  • "eh let's do xyz?', with me replying "i'm doing xyz already", and then ....
  • "if you are doing this, why aren't we doing a triathlon"
Ahhhh, well... events clashes with my schedule. my travel. my nail. my hair.

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