Thursday, April 05, 2012

More of a tai tai, less of a triathlete

Well, the first quarter of the year has gone. Time flies. I cut my hair to my triathlon days (circa 2007-2009) : short with bangs. Less well received, cos i'm fair and a lil less insane, and a tad bit more feminine.

Have i started out on my new year's resolutions? I tried. I can't quite understand where the time has disappeared to. These days, i'm more of a tai tai, far less from a triathlete.

I spent more time in golf, much more so than any other sports. Golf began in 2007, cos in my world everything's worth a shot. The ugly tan lines i now sport are almost as damaging as those of a triathlon, except i can't cover up. Thankfully these days ankle socks with heels are acceptable, for fashion. I did go cycle once, with Team HAS. Team HAS is inspiring, very inspiring, they are a bunch of hand cyclist who do triathlons. I've returned a couple of times to Monday Swim Groups. I've been doing my own runs, for now. I think i have a goal in mind : run the 21km races.

I did travel a fair bit in the last three months : Japan and Hong Kong. Both always just as fun and refreshing. I can't wait to spend more time snowboarding, or to hangout with friends in Hong Kong.

Now.... i'm in Bandar Seri Bangawan, Brunei. I'm doing what i call "my first week serving out God's word : Wives, submit to your husband". This is the first week i'm spending time alone with the husband with no disturbance, no distractions. O.. except these three lil cuties, which has me smiling all day.

Happy Easter Weekend, y'all. 
Remember it's Holy Week, be kind, and forgive & forget.

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