Wednesday, January 04, 2012

2012 Resolutions

I had one of the rarest New Year ever. I didn't spend it drunk, i was completely sober. I spent time with family and different groups of friends, had a lot of food, lots of coffee, and lots of laughter.

I suffered a mild heart seizure (very mild!) but that shook me awake. I do get chest pains now and then, but this was weird. A few friends asked if i was getting heartburn, since the feeling of a heart burn and a seizure are similar. I was pretty sure it wasn't a heartburn. That 30-seconds episode on 1st January 2012 shaped my resolutions.

For 2012,

  1. i will try to be even more leaner than i am now. And fitter. Yea, i lost weight by end of 2011, but got to keep the pounds off yo!
  2. I resolve to declutter. Ahhhh Yes, more decluttering. Try to keep things simple, when my life is really just like a TVB drama. I love drama & action so much i'm addicted. The only way to more calmness is to declutter. Like in 2011, the papers had said Truth hurts, and it still does... DECLUTTER
  3. I will give more love to people who matter. These days, i walk with optimism in hand, and letting go a lot more. Around Christmas of 2011, a friend said to me that i'm very forgiving, something i felt shocked about. I felt touched by his words, but he may be right. I've learnt to let go of people's mistakes and what they do. We're all friends. What's a little conflict or misgiving?
  4. quoting Kris Allen's song "live like we're dying", that's exactly what i'll do. When you choose to follow such a mantra, you would live and let live. A Facebook status i read recently wrote the words "never regret anything that makes you smile". I love that, don't you?
2012 is the year of change. I'm ready....